Tuesday, May 9, 2017

For Immediate Release

Poster design bur Kurt Firla

Magic & Martini Extended

With thirty sold-out performances, a new show proves magic really is for grownups. Magic & Martini puts one of the country's foremost sleight of hand practitioners in front of an intimate audience watching his every move. James Alan's magic would have made Houdini feel at home yet still enchants modern audiences. With only thirty five seats in each performance, tickets are difficult to obtain and the show has been extended through the end of September.

James has spent the past five years performing for the public. Since his first solo show, Lies Damn Lies & Magic Tricks in 2012, he has established a reputation for magic which is "astonishing, funny, through-provoking and extremely entertaining." 

Magic & Martini pairs sophisticated sleight of hand with finely crafted cocktails to create a new and exciting night out for grownups tired of the usual club scene. The show is co-produced by the Grand Spirits. It was intended to move away from the Las Vegas stereotype of magic and recreate the intimate hotel parlour performances of itinerant conjurers from prohibition-era North America. It offers "beautiful and sophisticated magic distilled down to its essence." The show has none of the glittery trappings of Vegas  


Saturday nights at 7:30 PM
SpiritHouse (487 Adelaide Street West, Toronto)
Tickets $39 online (media tickets available on request
Additional imagery - www.jamesalan.ca/gallery (print quality images available on request)

For information contact james@jamesalan.ca or 416-995-1736. 

Promotional artwork by Kurt Firla

Photos by Tyler Sol Williams